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Speak REAL American English, without being nervous!

Learn how my Conversation Breakdown Method will help you speak REAL American English, without being nervous!

Dear English Learner,

Congratulations on choosing to finally speak English confidently so that you can express yourself completely!

If you are here, I guess you…

  • You can understand me pretty well, but you can’t understand English movies and TV shows without subtitles.
  • When you try to speak in English, you forget the words you want to say.
  • You feel embarrassed that you can’t express yourself completely.

No worries! Millions of English learners from all over the world struggle with these things.

Let me show you why…

Why Speaking “REAL” English is HARD

Have you ever watched an English movie or heard some coworkers speaking in English and thought, “This is totally different from what I learned in school!”?

Then you are learning “classroom English” not real English…

The problem with learning English that’s not real, is that you also start speaking that way…

Your speech will seem unnatural and formal. You won’t be yourself in English… you will be more like a robot.

Oh no!

Maybe that is why only 2.5% of high school students claim to “speak a foreign language well” after studying language in the classroom!

What an awful waste of time, effort, and energy! Don’t you think?

What if you could learn to confidently say exactly what you want to say in English?

What if you could speak comfortably about any topic? You could make friends with people around the world and share your culture with them.

Imagine if every time your boss, coworkers, and clients spoke to you in English, you answered easily and professionally. You could make more money and avoid feeling embarrassed.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Maybe you are thinking, “Vanessa, HOW is this possible?”

Well I’m glad you asked!

Hi, I’m your American friend Vanessa!

After getting a university degree in English, teaching English in the classroom and online for 13 years, I now run one of the biggest YouTube channels for American English to help English learners finally use real, daily life English, including thousands of students in my private courses.

Here is what some of my 5 million students say about my English lessons:

From Smelly Embarrassment to Fluency

I know exactly what it’s like to feel embarrassed when you forget the words you want to say or don’t understand important instructions.

As a French learner, I felt frustrated that I couldn’t understand my French host family.

I almost ruined my host family’s clothes because I didn’t understand what they said!

When my host mom asked me to help hang up (“etendre”) the wet laundry, I misunderstood. I thought she had asked me to turn off (“eteindre”) the washing machine. I made that mistake for 3 days in a row! After 3 days, my host mom asked me, “Vanessa, our clothes are still wet and starting to smell bad. Why didn’t you hang up the laundry?”

I told her that I had followed her instructions correctly, but then she told me the difference between “to hang up” and “to turn off” in French. We laughed together, and even though she was really nice about my mistake, I felt frustrated that no one had helped me learn those useful words in school!

My classroom French had almost ruined their clothes. I needed to study *real* French that *real* people used in daily life.

I wish that someone had helped me figure out what people were saying and how I could speak naturally myself.

I had wasted a lot of time studying classroom French that no one used in real life.

After hundreds of hours of frustration and making mistakes (and smelly laundry), I finally could understand and speak with my French host family and their friends. I could create real relationships and feel more confident speaking.

As an English teacher, I don’t want you to waste your time studying classroom English that no one uses in real life. Most students don’t have the advantage of living with an English host family, so I would like to give you a shortcut.

Let me share with you the most useful, most *real* English without wasting hours of your time or moving abroad.

That’s why I created a system that will help you to make real progress and sound more authentic in English.

I’ve called it “The Conversation Breakdown Method’’, and here’s how it works…

How My Conversation Breakdown Method Will Help You to Understand REAL English

I’ve created a system that will help you to find the most important phrases by breaking down real English conversations so that you can speak more like an American.

“To break down” means that you are focusing on bite-sized pieces and only the most important words that real native speakers use in their daily lives. 

Breaking down conversations will help you to:

  • Catch the vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and real meaning of conversations
  • Understand native fast pronunciation
  • Use the words, phrases, and pronunciation in your own conversations

The Conversation Breakdown Method has helped thousands of English learners around the world to understand and speak real English.

Can it help you, too? Let’s give it a try!

Experience the power of the breakdown method yourself!

With my help, you will break down real English conversations so that you can use the most important phrases and pronunciation for your daily life.

Let’s take a look at an example.

Take a look at this real conversation I had with Sam about Halloween haunted houses:

  • Did you catch how much it costs to create a haunted house?
  • Can you use “put on” in the same way Sam did?
  • Did you hear how Sam said “wu-in” for the word “wasn’t”?

In Sam’s conversation about Halloween haunted houses, he said: “These people are spending tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, to put these things on.

We can break down this fast sentence into two commonly used phrases:

  1. Tens of thousandsbetween $10,000 – $90,000

For example: Going to a private school can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

  1. To put on: to produce or perform

For example: The local theater is putting on a new play this weekend.

Plus, let’s add two important pronunciation points for American English:

  1. Thousands/ Things: notice how Sam makes the “TH” sound with his tongue between his teeth and a stream of air flowing out
  2. Wasn’t: Sam reduces this contraction to “wu-in”; the “s” and “t” are completely silent

Even though Sam speaks quickly, when we break down his conversation into bite-sized pieces, suddenly you can understand him more clearly and express yourself by using those phrases yourself.

Don’t waste time studying phrases that native English speakers don’t really use in daily conversation. I will show you which words and phrases you need to know so that you can confidently express yourself.

After using The Conversation Breakdown Method, you will be able to use these words yourself and sound more American.

Want to learn English with me using The Conversation Breakdown Method? Great!

I’ve created a course for you called “The Fearless Fluency Club.”

Join The Fearless Fluency Club

The Fearless Fluency Club will help you to…

Reach the next level in English

Easily create relationships with friends and coworkers around the world because you can express yourself in English

Confidently speak with real, daily life vocabulary and have natural conversations

Feel proud of yourself because you can finally enjoy English movies and TV shows without subtitles or stress

Is the Fearless Fluency Club for me?

My program is for you if…

The Fearless Fluency Club is NOT for you if…

Are you still in?

Here’s what my students say about The Fearless Fluency Club

Here’s Everything You Get

in the Fearless Fluency Club

Five modules about popular conversation topics.
I recommend studying one module per month, so you will have all the English lessons you need for the next five months!

Each module includes:

  • A lesson guide like a “mini-textbook” to guide you through each lesson, including conversation questions and worksheets. The guide will help you always have all the key content in one place.
  • Conversation lesson between me and another American English speaker about interesting topics. You won’t be bored!
  • Vocabulary lesson based on the most important vocabulary from the conversation so that you don’t waste time studying unimportant words.
  • Phrasal verb lesson based on the most important phrasal verbs from the conversation so that you can fluently use them in daily conversation.
  • Pronunciation lesson based on important sounds from the conversation lesson so that you can speak naturally and clearly.
  • Time-Travel Story: a fun, memorable (sometimes crazy) story that includes all of the vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and pronunciation from the module so that you can easily remember what you have learned.
  • Recommended study guide: my detailed study plan to help you effectively use the lesson material so that you don’t waste your time.
  • Community of motivated English learners: access to our private Facebook group for course members so that you can meet friends from around the world and practice speaking via Skype or Zoom.
  • Weekly live lessons in the Facebook group (the replay is available at any time) so that you can stay motivated and I can answer your questions directly.

Lifetime access so you can review whenever you want.

Join The Fearless Fluency Club today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly will you teach me?

You will learn vocabulary, phrasal verbs and pronunciation that real American English speakers use, and you can join other course members on Zoom in every timezone) to speak confidently together.

When will I start the lessons?

You will receive immediate access to the full course when you join.

Which level is this course for?

The Fearless Fluency Club is for beginner, intermediate, or advanced English learners who want to become fluent.

How long should I study each day?

I recommend studying for about 15-30 minutes per day. Because this is a self-study course, you can study at any time. You can follow my recommended study plan available in the course.

Can I see a sample of the lessons?

Yes, of course. Click here to see a sample of the course.

What is your refund policy?

I offer you a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. Simply send me an email within 30 days of your purchase, and I will immediately refund your money.

How much is this course?

The Fearless Fluency Club is usually a one-time payment of $199. For this Black Friday sale, the discounted price is $139. You get lifetime access to the course material.