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You’ll learn the top 50 most valuable, everyday expressions that native speakers use, but English learners don’t use.
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So What’s The Course About?

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4 Important Skills You’ll Learn

  1. You’ll learn how to effectively study these expressions with the detailed study guide.
  2. You will be able to use each expression naturally with the downloadable lessons.
  3. You will be able to understand native speakers more fully by using the transcripts with each lesson.
  4. You will feel motivated and confident to participate and use English with other members of the course through the private Facebook community.

About The Author

Hi English Learner,

I’m so excited to share these natural English expressions with you! When I started learning Spanish, I felt so frustrated and disappointed because I could never seem to improve. But when I switched to French, I realized that the textbook was actually hurting me instead of helping. I started to learn naturally by using real materials and speaking with native speakers.

Now I help English learners around the world speak naturally, feel confident, and enjoy English.

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